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Shenzhen Newin Machinery Co., Ltd.

as one of subsidiary company of Feiyang Group, which was set up in 1996, one of the most prominent manufacturers of cooling towers in mainland China.It has more than 20 years experience in development, production and remolding, manufacturing of cooling tower combining FRP casing, motor, pump, fan and infill etc. Its factory is located in beautiful city Dongguan, the total production area is 12,000 square meter, the biggest manufacturer of cooling towers in southern of China.We have 3 subordinate factories, they are FRP cooling tower factory, water pump factory and hardware factory. Currently, Feiyang Group has 3 sales company who are responsible for the products sales in different area. Guangdong Linko is a big showroom to show different cooling towers, cooling tower spare parts, water pumps and other related products. Dongguan Ryoden is doing business in mainland China market, and responsible for the branchs in Chengdu, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Nanning, etc. Shenzhen Newin Machinery is mainly responsible for the oversea market. Right now Feiyang Group has 10 engineers, 150 technical workers and 50 sales for the market of domestic and overseas.

Range of products: Counter flow round type cooling tower, counter flow square type cooling tower, cross flow square type cooling tower, turbine drive energy saving cooling tower, fan-less cooling tower, closed loop cooling tower, cement tower, industrial cooling tower, fan, motor, infill, sprinkler head and other cooling tower parts, water pump, and kinds of valves, etc.
CGEIT: Newin has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification, which currently is a member of CTI verified and technological innovation enterprise.

Quality warranty: 2 years for all of our products globally, 1 year for motor, fan, swivel etc. Accessories.


Newin cooling tower insists on developing energy saving low carbon products, provide customer more energy saving choose. In recent years, and constantly developed several series of high technology products such as nature draft cooling towers, Turbine drive cooling towers, Fan-less cooling towers, Hybrid cooling towers which are high praised by government and industry association.


With the attitude of responsible for each customer. All NEWIN products are strictly manufactured according to national standard and international industrial standard. The company and products passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management and environment certification, have access to the honors such as national standards drafting unit, member of China refrigeration association , CTI association members, etc.

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