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Adiabatic cooler is based on Dry Air Cooler or Condenser, equipped with Pre-cooling system to improve the cooling efficiency and achieve a lower output liquid/gas temperature than dry cooling only. Before the fan drawn the dry air to fined coil heat ex-changer, it was cooled by pre-cooling when travel though the pre-cooling area.

Adiabatic Cooler Working Principle

Main Advantages

• Greatly increased the cooling efficiency compare to dry cooling.

• Lower output process liquid/gas temperature.

• No wet environment problem compare to wet cooling.

• Energy saving.

Why Chosen Adiabatic Cooler ?

• When need a process temperature close to dry ambient air temperature.

• When need saving cost from dry cooling.

• When installation area is not enough or restricted.

Capacity Range 200kw to 2000kwAdiabatic Cooler


VFD controller

ISO ladder and walk way

Low sound power solution

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