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LKFL series Dry Air Cooler is a type of cooling tower designed to special industiry application which wet cooling equipement are not avaiable working condition. Such as air conditioning system glycol water solution, Hospital equipement, computer room installations and ther applications include industrial water cooling systems, furnaces, plastic moulding machines, transformers, engines and generators etc.


No evaporating design, Save water, Close water circiut, Glycol water can avoid the freezen problem in cold season, No water open to air keeps envoiromental dry and clean.


Modular structure, use the high quality of zinc magnesium aluminum material (304 or 316 stainless steel for option), which is standardization made by Z600 galvanized anti-corrosion processing. After passivation treatment, cooling tower can withstand water PH value 6.5-9.0 . At the same time, the component design strength can bear the wind pressure of 1440 Pa, Protected the product quality and ensured stable running. Equipment can be ordered according to singlecell or multi cells.


Using high quality Q235 steel palte with
corrosion prevention painting , high strength,
strong anti-corrosion ability, beautiful

appearance, smooth and easy assembly, etc.



Using the centrifugal fan, through static and
dynamic test of production process, to meet the
cooling tower heat transfer performance under
the premise of maximum noise reduction.



Using derectly shaft transmission. Smooth
running, low noise, fan bearing with conical
roller bearing, large carrying capacity, long life,

rated life over 20,000 hours



Using closed cooling tower dedicated motor,
IP55 protection grade, insulation class is F,
suitable for hot and humid environment to run
for a long time. Products comply with IEC
international standards, with high efficiency, low

noise, long life, reliable operation, etc.



Seamless copper tube expanded into collared
aluminium plate fins. Surface rate Fin/cooper is
more than 20. ensure the excellent performance
of heat discharge. Hydrophilous aluminum fins
ensured well performance and long service life.
Copper coil are seamless and tested under
1.6Mpa comressed air under water.

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