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Wet Coil Heat Ex-changer is the main part of the closed wet cooling system. Closed Coil keeps the process fluid away from cooling water, maintain the process fluid clean, and avoid to explore to polluted air and dust. Is an excellent solution for project when need high quality cooling process fluid. 



Applicable Equipment:cooper coil


Closed Cooling Tower

Evaporative Condenser

Freon Chiller System

Ice Storage System

Tank Coil Heat Exchanging System                                                                       



Applicable Industries:



Petroleum Refinery

stainless coil

Chemical Equipment

Water Treatment

Medical Equipment

Steel Mill

Wood Processing Plant

Food and Beverage

Seawater Desalination



Optional Material


Red Cooper

SUS304 & Duplex SUSHDGS coil




Customized Supply&Construction is Available                                                                                                        

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